Monday, February 20

The importance of ISO

Well well ... the time has come for all good men to realize the importance of ISO. Why?! Well ... it's really kind of simple. I decided that Sunday morning would be the best time for us to go to Chinatown and make some fabulous pictures of asian goings. Like you know, temples and stuff, an empty stall ... wonderful, beautiful and close to my heart things. We left home at 7, arrived around 7:30 in Chinatown, found some wonderful subjects... we even went to a fruit and fish market in the basement of Chinatown complex! And when we got home ... surprise surprise! I discovered that the last time i took some pictures of the flowers around the apartment, i set (and forgot to change) the iso to 1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The results are shown below. Moral: the iso just caused me another trip to chinatown ... on Wednesday morning! Alas!

Test posting from MacOs Tiger

Just to see if this works

Friday, February 10

Fifth rule

As the days go by this blog is turning more and more into a blog about silly computer issues/stupid research issues. I guess this is what it really boils down to in the end.
However, I have a draft for the fifth rule. It is the fifth rule only in sequence, because in importance I think it is the most important one. And the rule is ... well ... this is why this is a draft :)


Funniest thing I ever read today: "In spite of what may be stated in this content, "WinFS" is not a feature that will come with the Longhorn operating system. However, "WinFS" will be available on the Windows platform at some future date, which is why this article continues to be provided for your information."