Sunday, October 30

A good day for some spice

This Sunday morning, at 6:30 am, I glanced out the window and I thought I saw something on the chili plant my colleague gave me. I thought there were worms. A closer look told me that there were chilies!

I ran outside in my undies (perfectly safe cause NOBODY is up at that time) and guess what?!

Wednesday, October 26

Army people

Speak in acronyms. And this is all I have to say. Before I had decided not to go to the Grampians this weekend as I am going there next weekend as well. But after spending eons on stupid things, I have decided I need a break, so I am going there this weekend as well! Yay!

I do realize that I am lucky to do this now, while other people (Marian) are struggling with their thesis and more specifically with their advisor (ha! welcome to my hell!). I just wanna say: Your time will come too!!

Tuesday, October 25

One picture Tuesday

It's your birthday tomorrow
And I haven't had time to buy
Any prezzies.
I've been at work for 12 hours
Going on 13 now.
But am writing this silly poem
To let you know
That you are my bestie.
And my favourite avian.
Happy birthday dodo bird!!

PS. Prezzies coming next week, so do not despair.

Sunday, October 23


... was the day I wish I had my pro camera with me instead of the iPhone..

Russian piroshki in the market: with spinach and ricotta (ignore my flaky hand)

The russian piroshki was mae by a grandma surrounded by an army of chinese. Ah well, diversity.

Then, after the market and while walking to school, I noticed this beautiful tree.

Surrounded by these kind of ducks, which apparently make their nests in it.

Spring is over, summer is coming.

Blooming orchids:

Then, after school I went home and cooked some peas!!

To which I added fresh dill. I remember how much I hated dill when I was younger.

Wednesday, October 19

An all time low

I never used to watch movies. I prefer reading a book (any book!) to watching a movie. A movie has to have absolutely fantastic reviews for me to watch it. I guess you could say I prefer my own imagination to any director's imagination.

I never used to have dinner. It would have to be a particular horrific training or a particular bad day for me to have dinner. Or a special event. Like graduation or climbing night with the girls (but even then, low on the carbs).

I never used to skip climbing, even if it was in the olden days when san would not speak to me (to shy to speak to the crazy ang moh) and i would have to climb alone.

Last night, I did not go climbing. I watched two movies ("crazy, stupid, love" and "i now pronounce you chuck and larry", if you must know), while eating dinner - polenta with two types of cheese (cheddar and feta) and sour cream, followed by a big bowl of popcorn, two liquorice pieces, three apples, two pears, and two pieces of chicken breast (sorry ionuca & shuhui, i fell off the wagon).

I know that I am now back to my original self cause I am thinking about what book to read when I get home. Should it be another culture novel? Hm ...

Tuesday, October 18

One picture Tuesday

This picture makes me realize that this year's holiday was one of the most purrfect holidays I have ever had (others include the nepal trip, and Marian's and mine first Thailand climbing trip).

It also makes me realize that we have to do this next year as well. This of course means that Sandra must sacrifice all her sleep-in days in order to take another 2 week holiday at the end of 2012, and that Marian has to find a job that will allow him to take 2 weeks holiday at the end of 2012. I'm sure we can make it, because next year I want us all to go to a) the Grampians, b) Blue Mountains, and c) Uluru! Oh yeah! As well as pick cherries!

Monday, October 17

A trip to write home about

This weekend I had a visit from somebody from Singapore. On the spur of the moment and prodded by the local climbers, we just packed our stuff and drove to the Grampians, 424 km away. Now, as I had an important run to do on Sunday, we had to come back on Saturday night. This meant that I drove 600kms, climbed for a whole day, all in 24 hours. Needless to say, I slept like a baby on Saturday night.

Here's a picture of me carrying a fridge, aka the boulder mat.

And another one trying to do something with a roof (now I realize why my neck muscles feel so tense).

Sunday morning found me running the most horrific run in Adelaide so far. We ran to the city dump (not a dump really) and on the STEEP Adelaide hills, for 3 hours. The views are absolutely fantastic, and you can see the Adelaide CBD (our start point) from far far far away. That was the only bad part about this, because seeing the CBD from far far far away only meant that you had to return back to far far far away. But I did a bit of light trail running as well and could sort of justify the binge that followed.

After that, co-workers and I went to eat. And eat we did, going to the Cheesefest! Here is a picture of pure heaven for me (and also the reason why I don't look skinier in those pants ahah)

After that, met friend who had by now woken up and slowly found his way to town. Collapsed in bed by 7pm and slept till 6am. Going back to sleep some more, as I am not young anymore.

Wednesday, October 12

New things to worry about

Years and eons ago when Marian finally started climbing, I had hoped that giving his natural talents (flexibility, forearms, pecs, technique) he would soon start to improve and basically kick my ass. This was my (and ours) previous experience with most of the climbing guys.

When that did not happen - he was obviously less psyched about climbing than me - I resigned myself to being the better climber in the family. Also, I sort of got used to telling other climbers that my husband climbs but he's not as keen as me.

Well, not anymore I'm not! Turns out my noob of a husband has progressed from noob to King of Noobs and now to Almost noob-less, all under the guidance of none other than the dodo bird and the snail. This is amazing because I really tried too but never ever succeeded. I guess that this was the kind of situation where I really was not needed. I do not know what they did - is it the noodles after climbing? Cause I have been eating them as well and they don't make me stronger, just fatter ..,

But that aside, OMG I'm gonna get my ass kicked by him too when he gets here! I need to find myself another noob...

Tuesday, October 11

One picture Tuesday

I do not know if this will increase productivity, but it will sure increase cool factor!!

Thursday, October 6


Sorry for the lack of updates. Been in Singapore for a while and was to busy hugging Marian and bickering with San and Dodo. It's so good to be back!!! Slowly realizing that this might be the last time I am back for this year, if you don't count the sekret planned escape to desaru for new year's eve (if that happens) And also realizing that next time I am back some of my friends (hur hur) will have to find a place for me to stay (hint hint wink wink) ...

These realizations are also making the small farewells that I already have to make a little bit bitter and a little bit more emotional. There will be a flood of tears when I board QF 82 again on Sunday, I am sure! In the meantime, I finish with something good to think about: one of the best durians I've had in a while (ha!) This Saturday, I will pig out on durians, even if I have to buy them from Giant.