Friday, January 31

Mount Lofty - part 2

We drove to Waterfall gully, at the bottom of mount lofty. Marian ran on Waterfall gully road, while I trekked to the top of Mount Lofty. I wanted to make this a weighted trek, so I grabbed a gear backpack from the car. Initially, the pack felt very very light. However, compared to last time's summit, it took me considerably longer (1hr 15 minutes) to get to the summit, and I felt very very slow. Of course, I proceeded to chid myself for being so fat and so unfit and continued to do so throughout my very slow progress to the summit. When I got there, somebody was painting Adelaide. They had an entire setup, complete with night light table and other artsy bits. Adelaide looked very pretty (did I mention it was 11pm at night?!).  I'm the last one allowed to say that other people are crazy for painting in the middle of the night on some god forsaken hill top, but some people are just crazy!

I got back to the car eventually, and Marian helped me with the backpack. He commented on its weight (it no longer felt light to me either...). Turns out, it was about 15kg. At least it seems that I have very strong biceps!

Time to mt lofty summit: 1 hr 15 mins
Total time: 2 hrs 20 mins
Conditions: 36degrees, dry
Pack weight: 15 kg
Kangaroos: 0
Foxes: 1
Butterflies: A DOZEN!

Tuesday, January 28

One picture Tuesday

Yesterday Marian installed a motion sensor and a grabber to get data from it. Today we went to work around 9:30 and came back around 2:40pm, leaving Suzie in the living room, with the sensor. I give you THE DATAH!!! This DATAH!!! also warrants the hypothesis that cats mostly sleep. Will investigate in the future.

Monday, January 27


How to make me angry

In five easy steps.

1. Come to speak at a women in science workshop. Talk about your career choices.

2. Tell us that your friend dared you to get a job in Australia, that you applied and got the job, and that you then decided to move to Australia and put your cat down because it was a "one person" cat. Show no emotion while saying this.

3. Then tell us that as part of your forensics job at a Big Bang, you had this cool opportunity of checking mails to see if people had affairs. Show excitement while you tell us about a particular case.

4. Talk about M$'s diversity policy while on the slide the m$ company is referenced with a capital c. Yes, that's correct. Company.

5. Finish it off with this slide.

Tuesday, January 21

One picture tuesday

And then the books fell and the cat dashed under the nearest bed. She was only coerced out by me showing her the bee she had so fiercely killed. She's a killer!

Tuesday, January 14

Cancer is a cunt

Two days ago a friend and colleague passed away due to complications following a bone marrow transplant. Fuck you, cancer.

I was going to go home yesterday because the heat was just too much and I was jet lagged out of my brainzzzz. Instead, I decided that I would celebrate my friend's life by not slacking and having a quiet walk on Mount Lofty. It was hot. I was jet lagged. I was also a bit dazed and confused because of the heat. I did make a concession and did not take a backpack, and, because my legs were swollen, I walked and did not run. This walk is a good baseline for what is to follow.

Time to mt lofty summit: 1 hr
Total time: 2 hrs
Conditions: 42degrees, dry
Pack weight: 1 kg
Other notes: jet lagged, dazed, Trent's death

Saturday, January 4

A year of dogs

I ended the year in dogs and started the year in dogs.

My grandma's two dogs, my two dogs (they are not really mine, but I raised them when they were little so they are my babies), my mother's dog, my father's dog... It seems that everybody in romania has one!

Behold! Dark, one of my babies!

And Fane, in his now customary sleeping pose!

And Ursu!

And lastly, my mother's dog. She hates me, I think. Probably because I smell of oh so many other dogs it is ridiculous!

I will try to get a photo of my father's dog to make this complete.