Thursday, September 28

Your turn now

Many a time went drunk or hungover to class? Nooo?! Sure you didn't ... Never felt that whatever that guy is saying is going to kill you if he keeps at it?
Well ... here's one for you: it's their turn now. One of them is high in class!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 25

They say this is me

Here is what they say about me. Or more, about how I view myself. High masculinity? Average Femininity? AAA

Wednesday, September 20

Lost it

I lost it. I can't believe it, but i lost it. It fell out of my backpack in the gym. Now I can't find it. I am feeling very very distressed... My mom will be very dissapointed in me. I fucked up (again). I lost my appetite (THAT is something you don't see every day...) Here's a portrait. You will be missed... Chances of finding it in Singapore stores: ZERO (it's a 2004 model ...)

Tuesday, September 19

Vista scary

What i didn't get is : is it scary in its complexity .. or just because it is a dome like construction doomed to fall? (something like the Khumbu Icefall??) Brrr.... Here's the full article.