Wednesday, March 28

Yay. Getting away.

Turns out that teaching 2.5 courses and having 150 students whose needs and problems are only your concern, is a VERY FUCKING tiring job. Turns out (who would have thought) that I may get grumpy when I'm stressed. And I may loose my patience. So far, it has not happened at all with any of the students (yay!) but yesterday it was a first for me. Firstly, I had a young master student that is also a young mother come into my office with her little baby and talk about her code. Needless to say, the baby was not quiet :) And then, a student's mother called me, to tell me about her boy.

I find that I can easily manage the third year students, but I have such a hard time understanding and learning how to talk with year ones. Oh well. Good thing the year ones are only the 0.5 from the 2.5 .

Monday, March 19

Yesteerday I saw through time

Some colleagues, on finding that I CAN indeed eat very very spicy food, gave ma chili habanero plant. The plant took its time to flower and produce chilies. In fact, it only produced one (ONE) chili in three months.

The chili is pictured on the left. I totally underestimated it, and, thinking that it would be not spicy as with everything people have given me, I took a VERY big bite.

And then I saw through time. I was that spicy. Or the bite was that big. Regardless. I saw through time.

Monday, March 12

And I'm back!

After giving birth to the grant last week and training up for the trail marathon, I am back. The Blue Mountains, six foot track trail marathon. You ask me, how was it?!

Well, I'll tell you. It was ...


Because of the fucking Sydney floods. Apparently, a couple of the river crossings we were going to cross got fucked up and then they were too deep for us to cross. Could have drowned. Dammit!

I feel like one of those wired duracell rabbits that are so ready to go but have nowhere, NOWHERE to run. DAMMIT!!

The blue mountains are truly evading me this year!

Tuesday, March 6

Last week I gave birth

... To a grant proposal. This semester I am teaching and coordinating 2.5 courses. That is, I am the coordinator for two courses - three if you count the Singapore one - and teaching half of another one. This is suddenly so loaded because, as you know, a colleague has leukemia and another one has a retina problem. And there you have it, we all have to chip in and do stuff. Which we, or at least I, do. But boy is it tiring!

Mondays are especially tiring because I have two two-hour lectures back to back and a one hour tutorial. This literally saps me of any possible energy and positive vibe. It's taken it's toll on the second lecture because I'm obviously at my least entertaining ten.

As usual, this can be easily solved by coffee :)