Monday, January 19

Nerds r us

After my accident I eventually made my way to anchorage ( Alaska) to the REI shop, to try and recover some of the gear I lost: turns out, if you have a head and neck injury, then the ambulance people will cut your clothes rather than move you to undress you. Anyway, I couldn't find much of what I needed (2 icebreaker blouses, one icebreaker t-shirt, one soft shell, one down jacket). On my way out I decided to go to a supermarket. It wa on the way to the supermarket that I found it: Title Wave bookstore, were no book was more expensive than 8 bucks and they had everything I needed from mountaineering to scifi to classical fiction to kids books:

So. If anybody ever finds themselves in anchorage, please go there!

Oh. And they had free wifi!

Sunday, January 18


Probably the only New Years resolution that I will ever make and get to keep is getting back to posting on this blog. I have missed the act of writing so much these past six months but then again I've missed my words too. Language is starting to come back to me though so perhaps I can start writing again! Whee!