Saturday, December 28

New problems!

I went out running today and found this:

Now I have to spend my entire day today making sure that these two become friends. I've called him Fane (from Stephen - Saint Stephen was yesterday) and I hope Fane and the Bear will be friends!

Thursday, December 26

The Bear!

I just found myself a new best friend! Enter Bear, my grandmother's one year old romanian shepherd puppy. I say puppy, but he's like 35kg in weight, and when he stands with  his paws on my shoulder, his nose is higher than my head.

He's a lovely little one but he's untrained and my grandmother cannot really handle him. The fucker who brought him here can go and fuck himself. Ah well.

The problem with this breed is that they are very hard to train, especially at this age. It took me 2 hours to train him to sit and it's probably going to take three days to learn a stay. And of course, my grandmother will not practice this with him and aaargh. Ah well. Who can resist this smile?

 Here's us demonstrating sit. We are very very proud. Whereby "we" I mean "I" because he couldn't really be fussed as long as somebody plays with him.

He's really really curious and somewhat smart. Also, very stubborn. 

PS. San, Dodo, I have no wifi hence no whatsapp - this will change soon! Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 20


On Tuesday I skipped half a day of work to go pick cherries. I wish I could say I'm sorry, but I'm not.

Behold my stash!

The cherry orchard also has morello cherries! ZOMG!! Soo cool!!

I wish I could say I had a bad time. And I did, once all the cherries were eaten. Sigh. 5kg is just not enough.

Wednesday, December 18

One picture Tuesday

Had rice soup in Brisbane. Just a little bit closer to Thailand!

Sunday, December 15


I never do book reviews here because what the hell why would you.

But this book. This book had me crying, and I mean floods coming down from my eyes, on my face and all the way down my neck before I could stop the tears in any way. This happened in broad day light, on a plane (15 hours flight btw), in front of everybody. So much so that the person sitting next to me asked me what I was reading. I couldn't answer, of course, because I was still bawling. Poor guy was probably terrified thinking that he has to spend the next 13 hours so close to a lunatic.

In this book, my favorite swear word is a deity. Because, help us, Oh Fuck.

Wednesday, December 11

One picture Tuesday

At 6:30 am at the Lincoln memorial, the reflecting pool is reflecting and the runners are running. 

Not only this, but runners are also talking. One of them, after passing me and saying hi!, also said:"looks like it's starting..." I said "yeah", but what I was thinking was "what is starting?!!" 

And then it did and I knew. It looked like rain but it was snow and it turned me into  a snow man in about five seconds.

Sunday, December 8

Overheard at the Lincoln Memorial

No statue in Washington, D.C. is allowed to be larger than the statue in the Capitol building, which is 19 ft. The Abraham Lincoln statue and all other statues around the area are 19ft. But if you're in Washington, D.C. and know the rules you can do anything. This statue is on a 16ft platform. The statue of dr Martin Luther king is 30 ft but that is not a statue, it is a sculpture because you can't see its feet.

Saturday, December 7

Training put to good use...

What do you do when you're stuck in a queue for six hours in Dallas because your flight got cancelled because of a snowstorm? Well, first you call American Airlines to rebook yourself. Then you call a hotel to get yourself a room in fucking Dallas!!

Then you wait in queue for two more hours just in case there's that small tiny chance that there IS a spot on the next flight out of Dallas. And what do you do when the lady says: "there IS a spot on the flight that is boarding now at terminal C (you are at terminal D, 20 minutes train ride from C). RUN, girl!" 

You RUN. This is where all that ultra, upjo training is put to good use...

Ran like mad. Caught the plane. Got stuck on the runway for another hour while they cleared the ice off the plane (which was good, because like this my bag caught up with me hahahah). 

Arrived at 1am in Washington DC. It is chilly and raining, but the delicious, northern hemisphere chilly (-1 C). I'm having mac and cheese that I microwaved myself because the restaurant is closed (it's 2am). I think I deserve it, if not for anything, but for still managing to be civil after being late because of other people so many times!!

Thursday, December 5

Heart attack!!!

International travel is never without its perils for my poor, old heart. Today, instead of looking at my departure date and time from Adelaide, i looked at my departure TIME (only) from Washington DC. And then had a major heart attack because I thought I was leaving tonight instead of tomorrow morning. Yes, I triple checked. I'm leaving tomorrow morning. gah.