Tuesday, May 31

One picture Tuesday

And to re-instate the tradition ... First of all, WE ARE BACK TO SINGAPORE! YAY! Actually, I am not happy to be back, I would have spent at least one more month traveling through Europe, but there you have it, we are adults and we have jobs and responsibilities and what not. To cheer me up, here's a picture of Bingo in his wedding attire. I loved the fact that he was still able to participate in every aspect of the wedding.

Monday, May 23

Yes we did!

Finally, some pictures are up from the wedding! Not the pro ones (those will take a while and i hope are worth it!) but some to give a brief idea about a romanian wedding, an all-in-all endurance marathon from 6 am on Saturday morning to 6 am on Sunday morning.

First, the hairdo for the civil ceremony:

With my mother before the ceremony:

My grandmother and most of the family from her part came: my grandmother, her two sisters that totally made the show (see more below) They travelled all the way from Bacau to Caracal (500+ km?) in a bus, all SIXTEEN of them, together with my 85-year old grandfather and my 80-year old grandmother. This truly made my day.

They truly made the show, singing, dancing, showing my two Asian maids of honor the various drinks and dance steps... I was really proud of them!

And then we signed - muhahahahah Marian does not know that hell is just beginning!

After that, went to the hairdresser, changed the hairdo, got into the dress with the help of Dor and San:

Looking demure:

With the only two pre-Marian friends that came for the wedding: my highschool friend and my university friend. HOT, HOT, HOT!

At the veiling of the bride, my relatives composed and sang an entire song that included our meeting in singapore, bringing the asian girls for the wedding, and inviting them for the christening of our first child. I CRIED!!! Like tears!!! This is the only time when i cried.

In the church:

Wearing the crown:

Dor holding the candle: and she did not set the church on fire!!

Being welcomed by Marian's mom:

And my dog Bingo (notice the bowtie):

Dancing the whole night (from 9pm until 5 am I KID YOU NOT!)

The unveiling of the bride and wearing a womanly scarf:

And in the end, despite my deep hatred for weddings (and truly loathing being in the limelight), I really enjoyed my family being there, Bingo still being young enough (he's 14!) to enjoy, and San and Dor traveling all the way from Singapore to be there for me. WOO HOO!

Wednesday, May 18

No news is good news!

So, first, Marian and I are married. I am not going to write anything cheesy here so you should relax. What I am going to say is that the wedding party was fantastic and that we danced the whole night - from 9 pm to 4 am -nearly without break. My thighs are killing me now but it was an endurance event worth taking part in. 

I loved both my dresses - the civil ceremony and the wedding - and pictures will come soon. More importantly, I did not look like hulk's sister in them. I did not get a chance to stay in Lacu Rosu, but I did go there (and drove the extra five hundred km), just to play with two dogs. One of them, my favorite ever (other than Bingo):

I am blogging now while on the plane to Zurich - we are going to Switzerland first and then France. Pics will be up just as soon as dodo finishes uploading them. Let the honeymoon begin!

Thursday, May 12

Good job, Claudia!

Yesterday was one of the days when i was truly and utterly myself. I drove from Marian's town of Caracal, to my town, Bucharest, to pick up my two maids of honor, San and Dor. The drive was horrendous because the road was very crowded, with a lot of carts and trucks and all that. Anyway, I managed to reach Bucharest just in time. So I hurry out of the car and into the airport and try to find a spot close to the exit such that Doris can see the bright yellow sign I made for her.

But of course, Romanian customs have to be their anal selves and really give a hearty welcome to everybody that comes in here. The girls were kept for a ginormous amount of time because they didn't know my address... I forgot to give it to them. And so they called me. But because I HAD FORGOTTEN MY PHONE IN THE CAR they could not reach me. And they called and called and called and facebooked marian and i had like ten missed calls when i finally got my phone back. And other people were calling me too cause the girls were bringing stuff for them and yeah, from now on, my phone sleeps with me.

Monday, May 9

World War III

I am up to my neck in wedding preparations and I haven't even started yet. Haha. Laugh all you can, but right now, we have all re-united in Marian's town, and are slowly starting preparations for a full-fledged war. We have only started to determine how many drinks to order and already the spirits (haha) are high and the tensions are blooming.

Today we are going to the doctor, the hotel, the restaurant, to buy nuptial flowers and for me for a hair try-out. And I have yet to run a long run, and the two of us have yet to practice the dance again (this is set for in-between today and tomorrow). And if we manage all this (the main argument last night was for example to establish how big the coca-cola bottles that are put on the table should be) without killing ourselves and still talk to each other it will be a massive achievement. Marian in particular gets especially hysterical around 11 pm at night. God help us all :))

Wednesday, May 4

A story of squirrels

An old couple was in the Herastrau park in Bucharest. I think they are there every morning this spring.

They have a number of furry little friends

With whom they have breakfast in the park:

Tuesday, May 3

Spring is here!

I am at home, and spring is here. Albeit a little bit chilly sometimes (read: fucking cold!!!) the blooming flowers are fantastic!

And running dachshunds (albeit old) really make my day :)