Tuesday, August 15

My way or the highway

why is it that every time i decide to start writing it's raining horses outside (and yes! i left the windows open again)? must be something to do with my depressive gene ... maybe everytime it starts raining i get depressive and feel the need to write?
anyways, the post title says it all :) I realised last night that the two great women that contributed to me being a whole, extraordinary, funny, smart and MODEST person today (that is, my mother and my grandmother) also contributed to two of my major flaws (by some - greatest goods by me). My mother spoiled me rotten ... even though sometimes she tried to hide the spoiling. And my grandmother always allowed me to do whatever i wanted, whether it was climbing trees (and falling from them or being stuck HIGH up there) or not eating (i had - and still have - a awful dislike for boiled eggs ... in those times boiled eggs is what little kids got for breakfast, among other things - like cheese). This led to me being what i am today and to the title of this post.
So, here's to my grandmother and mom!

Monday, August 7

Moving to Antarctica

That's it!!! I am moving to Antarctica!!! Or to any other continent where it does not rain!!! This is the first day I left the windows to my room WIDE open such that fresh air enters my room. And of course, it's raining cats and dogs and horses!!! So when i'll get home the carpet that is right beside the window will be SOAKED! SOAKED!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 2

To write or not to write

One of the things that really bugs me about research is that at some point you get to writing. Yes!! The horrifyin' friggin' thing I think most computer scientists just lurrrrve. I personally hate it. It's not like writing in your blog, you cannot be funny or ironic. You cannot be mean to other people's work. You must be polite and condenscending. You cannot say "try but fails" .. you must say "attempt". That's when you're writing a research paper. It's even nicer when you have to write a documentation about your program/product. "The list of steps necessary for installing this or that is" AND SO ON.... and on .. and on.. And then you have windows or linux .. and different commands for them: since i use linux, it's almost obvious that any other student who will be using my program in his/her homework will use windows... AAA
Writer's block.

Edited later: 3 new articles from Joel
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