Friday, February 20

How to get me to unfriend you on Facebook

In no particular order or strength.

1. Declare that children/babies should not be vaccinated.
2. Post demeaning/degrading photos/videos/articles, against anybody: male, female, fat, skinny, cats, whatevs.
3. Say you heart the NRA.
4. Or Tony Abbott for that matter.
5. Declare loud and clear that GoT is the best book ever. Or Fifty shades of equalRGB

Enuf said.

Monday, February 16

And ...

One of the reasons I've been going slightly mad in the last months is because I've been working on a MOOC on top of everything else!

Behold the video!

Behold the course! Free of charge, really cool! Very friendly! Very easy to learn!

Wednesday, February 11

Allergy free!

Turns out, I'm not allergic to absolutely anything! I can hug and kiss dogs and cats to my heart's content because they are not the cause of my allergy-like symptoms. Sigh. I'm jot allergic to chilli either (whew!): the doctor's office had to go out and buy chili to test me. I feel special!

Saturday, February 7

Birthday prezzie!!


Tuesday, February 3

A bit overqualified

Went to school for 24 years. Got a PhD in computer science. Brought in 1.5 mil in funding in 3 years. Am an associate dean.

But today ladies and gentlemen, I was able to help somebody realise that they had plugged in the network cable instead of the projector cable and that THIS WAS WHY THE PROJECTOR WAS NOT WORKING.