Friday, February 28

The best way to talk about a thing is not to talk about it

... So again I'm not going to discuss the near miss that could have cost me my life while climbing.

But! I have just found the best word to describe me without coffee:
A zwodder.

Tuesday, February 25

One picture Tuesday

Life. It is just better with durian ice cream! Mao Shan wang and D24!!

Saturday, February 22

Man I'm glad the week is over

It was probably one of the shittiest weeks in a while: travelled too much, and worked too much and struggled too much at work, and nearly killed myself on Thursday (for real death not the omg I nearly died kind... - more about this later).  

This morning I woke up to this photo:

San and Dodo are coming to Adelaide soon and this will be our trip banner. Guess who's who!!

Wednesday, February 12

One picture Tuesday

During my last year as a PhD student in Singapore and every time I visited since, San and I went to muji and sat down in this chair. For each of my visits to Singapore, we averaged about 3 muji visits. We sat in this chair many many many times!

The chair was and is expensive, despite its recent reduction in price. However, last year I won a teaching award, which came with some mooolah. I just spent this moolah on this chair (the single seater version): cut this one in half and ditch the cute Asians.

How will I transport it home? who knows? Who cares?! Chair delivered tomorrow!!

Monday, February 10

Mount Lofty - part 3

A story in pictures.

Do not judge please.

Number of kangaroos: 2
Number of foxes: 1
Time to summit: 1hr 20 mins
Weight: 15 kg

Thursday, February 6


In hexadecimal, because life is awesome lidat.

The only benefit of growing old is that the number of awesome people you get to meet has the potential to increase. 

I got this card today!!

Tuesday, February 4

One picture Tuesday

Marian no longer believes that Australia is not deadly. This is from our second last trek up mount lofty.

Monday, February 3

Vain pot moment #1

Stoppinng in the middle of a mount lofty run to blog (and think) about how cool your legs look in your running shorts.

Saturday, February 1


Posts. On this blog. ZOMG.