Thursday, July 5


Ladies and gentlemen, I happily announce that you and the whole Internet will be rid of me until the 20th of July. Take care, climb and surf safe, love thyself and all that!
I hope to see you all alive and well on the 20th!!!

Tuesday, July 3

A lot of things

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy it's been so long since I have blogged! This is probably going to be my second last post for the following weeks. So, first things first. I have done so much shopping this past week that it's going to last me (i hope) for the next months, when I need to save, save save!!!

I have bought: 2 handbags for my mom (one was not appropriate for wear in winter, apparently the handles have to be long), 1 perfume for mom (on sale) because I got desperate that I wouldn't find a good handbag, 1 rheumatic oil for grandma, 2 pairs of slippers for grandma and grandpa (very good for wearing around the yard), for grandma still have to buy chocolates from Amsterdam, a lot of Nikon D200 related accessories for M., one pair of base layer gloves for me, one sun hat for me, and a perfume on sale. Speaking of the D200, it's AMAZING!!! The design, the versatility and the way you can see that they have really thought about things makes my D70 (aka Bobby) seem like amateur work compared to M's D200 (aka Mr. Tan - yes, I name my cameras!)

Mr. Tan and Bobby are going back to Romania with us, which is going to be Thursday, 5th of July, 23:00. And Mr. Tan is going with M and I to the Alps. Omg omg omg I am finally going to the Alps!!!! The plan is making my mom want to kill me, but nevertheless. So, I arrive in Bucharest Friday, 13:20. And I am leaving for the alps on the same day, around 18:00. Which gives us around 4 hrs to: get home from the airport, pack, eat (omg it's been so long since I've enjoyed mom's cooking), hug, kiss, calm Bingo (my dog), fetch M. from where he is going to be, and leave for Switzerland. It's pretty tight, but it usually is with me. I still have to buy: 1 40l backpack and 1 pair of windstopper gloves. Or is it polartec gloves? I have no idea, must check.

Speaking of the Alps. Yes!! I am going! Finally! I am not at all trained though!! Yey! I spoke to M. yesterday and he mentioned Dufourspitze (4634m) for warm-up, Weisshorn (4504 m), and another one I can't remember, and last but not least, if the weather is good, if we are fit, the Matterhorn. I hope these mountains will take pity on my wretched soul and allow me to reach the top. I hope I am fit enough for that, too.

I ran half a marathon on Sunday!! Yey! I hope I hope I am trained! Enough for now, I should be starting to pack. Laters!