Wednesday, March 28

Yay. Getting away.

Turns out that teaching 2.5 courses and having 150 students whose needs and problems are only your concern, is a VERY FUCKING tiring job. Turns out (who would have thought) that I may get grumpy when I'm stressed. And I may loose my patience. So far, it has not happened at all with any of the students (yay!) but yesterday it was a first for me. Firstly, I had a young master student that is also a young mother come into my office with her little baby and talk about her code. Needless to say, the baby was not quiet :) And then, a student's mother called me, to tell me about her boy.

I find that I can easily manage the third year students, but I have such a hard time understanding and learning how to talk with year ones. Oh well. Good thing the year ones are only the 0.5 from the 2.5 .

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