Monday, June 18

What's done ...

... cannot be undone.

  • Like running 30 km yesterday and not feeling so upbeat today (actually, feeling like I got hit by a truck. Many times.) even after 5 (FIVE) doubleshot expressos.
  • Like having 5 (FIVE) doubleshot expressos and wondering why the hell do i feel so jittery
  • Like mentoring somebody for a year, offering them a job, relying on them to do the job, only have them tell you that they have found something else and thus are not actually taking the job you have offered. FUCKERS.
  • Like getting depressed over the above and going and polishing off a hamburger (vegetarian) considering that I was only planning to eat tom yam today.
  • Like dreaming last night that I was doing one-arm pull-ups - mind you, with my good hand

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