Friday, July 27


In the past few days I have been feeling increasingly depressed about two adult decisions that I have to make, where an adult decision is one in which I have to recognize that things will not go EXACTLY my way and that I have to compromise some stuff. Compromise, I hate that word.

Anyway, so I have been feeling down and had been listening to depressing music and brooding and thinking and etc. And last night I went to the climbing gym. On the way there, I resisted the temptation to give in to the "meh" and TURN BACK and go home and lie in a corner. I resisted this temptation three times! I got there and decided two things.

Firstly, I decided to lead. Not on my own, obviously, as we all know what a chicken I am, but somebody prompted me many many times to go.

 Secondly, I decided to lead the roof route. Now the roof route has around 7-10 meters of increasingly overhanging roof, up to the point where the overhang becomes horizontal and then you still have about 5 meters to go. I tried the route once and quit in the middle of the roof, down climbed to the quick draw and hanged.

The second time I led it (without any prompting, I decided this myself!), I got really pumped but also really psyched and in the middle of the roof just went for the next jug. Of course, I was pumped and psyched and did not get it, which resulted in me falling in an empty empty space and swinging like mad about 10-15 meters off the ground*.

IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! The adrenaline rush, the pump and the psyche got me so bubbly last night that I was laughing while coming down and am still living off that high today.

I think I have just found the best cure for depression: adrenaline. Heh.

* there were around 20 kids watching this and I think them and their mothers pissed their pants when this happened (at least judging by the massive shrieking that followed) Sorry!


dor said...

Lead falls ftw :)

claudia said...

Yeah, I should go take a lead fall before every lecture hahaha

ionuca said...

Ugh, my instructor has been nagging me to learn how to lead climb (is that correct? I suck when it comes to climbing jargon), but I'm such a chicken! I did it just once and when he said „now you have to jump”, I thought I was going to kill him!

I am glad that you find it liberating - wish I were more courageous like you :)

claudia said...

ionuca, it took me five (FIVE) years to get to a state where I am brave enough to start leading. It still takes me ages to get through a crux and many many tries before I am able to just fall (rather than downclimb and hang). Don't give up! :)