Thursday, August 9

Not drowning

Last year around this time I decided to add further work on my plate and get in touch with my feminine side (snort!). So I joined tango! That turned out to be unfeasible in the long run, because after and during tango I got depressed and then started climbing and then work suddenly went from being busy to being FUCK THIS SHIT WHEN WILL I SLEEP AGAIN?! busy (and has not calmed down) . So then I stopped.

And then a month ago a climbing friend overheard me say that I can swim, if not drowning is considered swimming. And she decided that I will learn how to swim. Or else. She had also been a swimming instructor before getting addicted to climbing, so here I am, going to the Adelaide pool. Three buckets of water swallowed and four sessions later, and I am happy to announce that last night I swam about 1km of freestyle (using fins).


 If you have friends to support you and tools to make your job easier, things can be quite enjoyable.


RME said...

1KM?? Congratulations! :-)

claudia said...

Not at one go, obviously - I had to stop in between to get all that water out of my lungs ahhaha

Anonymous said...

Claudia, congrats, you have decided to be a real whale. Time for some whale songs while swimming.

claudia said...

Only if eyes-beeg-beeg is my producer hahaha