Tuesday, September 18

One picture Tuesday

Tonight I was supposed to go climbing. But then I spent one hour with a student discussing a mark on his report. And then another hour talking to colleagues about maybe doing a summer school next year (if I'm still here, that is). The highlight of the evening was coffee with d. and a discussion about boundaries and personal time. About setting them that is. And having it. My resolution for that is to tell students from the start of the meeting how much time I have - this will help them organize what they need to get out of the meeting but also help me plan my time - with the understanding that if I do not say how much free time I have then the meeting can go on for as long as it needs to. 

But then!

Well obviously I couldn't go climbing anymore. But then of course I felt guilty about it (heh. But still, time, I have not!) So I proceeded to do pyramid pull-ups on the rim of my office door!

My first set went smoothly with 1-3-5-7-5-3-1, with 20-30 seconds break between each set. My second set did not go so well: I failed at 5 on the 7 and then at 4 on the 5. My third set was even worse: I failed at the fourth pull-up on the 5, and then after it I failed at the 5th, so I decided to end it quickly. Not surprisingly, I could easily do the 3 and 1 that followed. I am still surprised that my first set went so smoothly, and also blessingly pumped after all three. Not a total failure of the night, I would say.  


@BaronessGabi said...

Woah, Claudia! Pyramid pull-ups on the rim of a doooooooooooooooor? You're intensely crazy strong. Doesn't that hurt your fingers?

You know you're obsessed with climbing, right? It doesn't sound like you're enjoying it but, rather, that it's controlling you... and you force yourself to its command.

I've never understood such physical obsession.

Yeah - goal
joyful anticipation

Then you begin:
pushing through the pain
pain, pain, pain,
more pushing through the pain, ENDURANCE!
fucking pain
fucking pushing through the fucking pain
Motherfucker-PAIN WINNING
ILLNESS! Yay!!!!
FEAR of giving up
Unbearable (what else?!) PAIN
pain, pain, pain
Motherfucker yada yada yada
Stilling of panic
PAIN, PAIN... blah blah bla
Deadly Mother-yada Pain
Pushing through the deathly-killer-motherfucking pain, Deathrattlepushingthrough the
Deathly moth ayadayada
... and...

I DID IT!!!!!!!!


but not from the motherfucking pain, just from the mental terror.

Major applause from the endorphin crowd on the nearby MotherFucker watching with binoculars!


Claudia takes bow to the standing endorphin community's ovation.
{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

And now it's time to GO BACK DOWN.


= = = =

Take 5 MINUTES to:

Climb your ass from one room to another, the one with the best - and by that I mean the smallest, narrowest - fucking door ledge:

Do some crazy-assed-in-fucking-sane pyramid motherfuckers or whatever other torturous fucking thing comes to mind until you work up a LITTLE sweat (make that "perspiration" - just enough to get "glowy")... then

CLIMB on over to the main motherfuckers of all Motherfuckers, the Internet

1. Sponsor a desperate, starving, terrified Haitian child

2. Send $128 to free a girl in Mother-fucking-India from sex-trafficking

3. Donate generously Defense Fund for Animals or

b. ALF (Animal Liberation Front) PRESS OFFICE - NAALPO, The North American Animal Liberation Press Office

I guarantee the endorphine crowd will tear down the house with standing ovations:

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}}}}}}}
{{{{{{{{{{Brava, Claudia!}}}}}}}

If you still need more endorphine applause, take a fucking Percoset.

No motherfucker-pain-climb would EVER rule MY ass. There are so many alternatives... well, um... unless one is a masochist and needs intense pain in every form.

LOVE your journal, Claudia!
Well-written, interesting, funny, poignant, engaging, styleized!

(What a double-fucking-message, eh? - mine. BUT, your writing (and the rest of you) would remain just as fabu if you did it my way... yours is not a mediocre existence. The single difference is that you would no longer be a slave.)


@BaronessGabi said...


The difference is that you would no longer be a slave...
You would SAVE LIVES.
You wouldCHANGE LIVES, give life (to non-human and human animals) who would otherwise live a horrific life only to die a torturous death.

As Julia said
Big difference...