Monday, July 14

An apology of sorts

But mostly a laundry list as to why I have not been blogging much. Whereby "not much" I mean not at all (there should be a law forbidding people to start sentences with "whereby" -- MAYBE THERE IS!!)
  1. I don't have the Denali photos but I do want to tell that story, and I know I'll be lazy to change the posts once the photos do get here
  2. I'm now an associate dean for my faculty. This is scary and crazy (I fooled them. Again!) but also it's very fucking busy - it will be frantic this semester, as my current workload cannot be adjusted by much to cater for this new thing
  3. I fell 40m on Denali, hit my head on a rock, cracked my helmet and was out for half an hour. There. I've said it. Note to the interwebs though, I have been talking to my friends about this, but I have yet to commit it to writing -- seems much more final when I write it than when I say it. So, after this, I've taken to spending my free time eating (yes, it's possible to eat even more than I was!), navel gazing, reading, and yes, having, sometimes, a sip of some wine. I haven't been doing blog worthy stuff though, so yeah. I think the fall (among others) also tore my left meniscus, so yeah, more navel gazing for me in the future. 

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ionuca said...

Damn! I am so happy to hear that you are alright! Helmets are bloody important, thank God you were wearing one!