Monday, January 19

Nerds r us

After my accident I eventually made my way to anchorage ( Alaska) to the REI shop, to try and recover some of the gear I lost: turns out, if you have a head and neck injury, then the ambulance people will cut your clothes rather than move you to undress you. Anyway, I couldn't find much of what I needed (2 icebreaker blouses, one icebreaker t-shirt, one soft shell, one down jacket). On my way out I decided to go to a supermarket. It wa on the way to the supermarket that I found it: Title Wave bookstore, were no book was more expensive than 8 bucks and they had everything I needed from mountaineering to scifi to classical fiction to kids books:

So. If anybody ever finds themselves in anchorage, please go there!

Oh. And they had free wifi!

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