Tuesday, October 28

Crazy long weekend, whew!

So. To sum it up. Ran 21 km on Friday night. For Marian's sake I took a power gel (2xcaffeine) so I ended up sleeping fitfully all night. No biggie, it's not like I didn't have a tutorial to teach on Saturday (make-up for the Deepavali holiday on Monday). It was horrible (the tutorial I mean). Attendance: 9am -10am: 3/21, 10am - 11am: 3/17, 11am - 12am: 6/20. By the last hour I was very tired and very aggressive. So much for being born to be a teacher, like my chinese sign says. I'm a dog. Sunday, two hours of yoga and then a whole day of window shopping... Wanted to go eat durians with the team but I was so damn tired. Lied to them, told them I was working. Working hard to stay awake, that is.

This brings us to Monday, yesterday, in which we went cycling in Pulau Ubin. Woke up at 6, we finally made it out of the house by 7am. Sprinted back home to get the mozzie spray that Maria forgot. I hate running in the morning and I could not have made it had it not been for "Eye of the tiger" playing on my iPod. Cycling was fun, fun, fun!! Pretty adventurous too! See this guy in the picture? Well, I was standing right in that spot ten minutes later when I didn't want to let him go fish out his camera that he dropped after slipping in the water... I ended up in the water as well, of course. So much for showing off. Nike running shoes slip just as much as Adidas ones, apparently.

It was a pretty nice trek, we even spotted wild life in the form of a pretty bored wild (?) pig and one BIG spider.

And one dragonfly from last time's cycling trip.

This is called "lipstick plant". Imagine kissing lips like these, man! Smack!!

And my most favorites of the favorites of the ever favorites, coffee beans!!

Note to self: When I dressed on monday morning I had two t-shirts to chose from: my marathon finisher t-shirt or my "beware of falling climbers" t-shirt. Took the marathon one because I reasoned it is inspirational. Morale: when you're gonna fall, you're gonna fall!

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