Thursday, October 23

Three girls and one guy

Yup. This is the name of our climbing team for this year's Climb On 2008 festival. The unfortunate guy is Jiasheng (the one that thinks we should crimp harder!) and the three lucky ladies are Sandra, Charlene and I. This year I am planning a hard core approach. Will climb till I die. Will pack lunch. Will not leave the climbing area. Will take Bobby for some shots. Will climb till I die. Will not leave climbing area. Will ask Sandra to buy lunch. Will go with Sandra to make sure she buys the right thing seeing how I am a foreigner here and she has been living here for 21 years and thus I know stuff much better than she does. Yup.


wickedwitch said...

We'll all just climb till we die together ok. We won't let you die alone! Hahah.

san said...

Whao! You all so hard core huh? haha.. k! I WILL DIE TOGETHER WITH YOU ALL! packed lunch waste time. we dun eat.

Edwin said...

Team Brotherhood of Deformed joints is going to own you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

joking la

Anonymous said...

Ok!!! Let's die!!! and oh ... deformed joints .... do go get some finger tape, k?


Anonymous said...

Lunch at white sands, anyone?