Monday, December 1


[Took a break from blogging because my wisdom tooth is finally out and I have been enjoying the benefits of solid food. Good, solid food, mmmm.... Like breadsticks, rice, veggies, meat, mmmm ... Went to climb asia on Friday to buy myself a pair of green climbing pants, yupee!]

Why is it that inventors don't name the things they invent using such that the name reflects their own name? Is it modesty or they don't think that the products will survive? Or is it because they know they would sound bad? Like EdisonWire, Beller etc. Or is it because they invent so many things that their names will confuse people? Like DaVincier would it be an airplane or a submarine? Or are you considered an inventor iif you build and work your prototype, and it is accepted by the general public as it is? Why isn't the rabies vaccine called Pasteurite? (quite a good name, right??) Then like that everybody know who invented what, and CREDIT will be given (a good sign of a good future academia is their sensitivity to giving credit, i guess :D)

On an utterly unrelated thread, Doris named my left fat thigh John and my right fat thigh Tucker. I am now officially eating for three. I have tried to google John Tucker but all I can come up with is "John Tucker Must Die", and to that, I fully agree. May we have a very short life together.


dor said...

Long live Claudia, John and Tucker!!!!!

zzzzzzzzzz I wanna climb. See you in a few days time.

claudia said...

hey we're climbing on Wednesday, 6pm!!!

dor said...

doing the endurance 20min thingy?

claudia said...

yup. of cors!!! This time though, we change direction on the last set! Yummy, right?!

dor said...

ayeeeeeeee I will most likely be late... will come in time for the second set onwards though! My last paper's in the afternoon and after that I'm going to carbo load (for no good reason since i'm not running a marathon)- this one I say YUMMY. Reverse direction not so yummy but we never know unless we try right??? Will make it up by not holding jugs or putting on weights which feel like tumours/growths. :D