Friday, December 5

A nice odd number

Queued up for 2 hours to get the race entry pack for this year's Standard Chartered Marathon! The queue started from the MRT, and it had about 150m until entering the expo hall where you were in the queueing pens. No pasta this year unfortunately, I was looking forward to cooking it. Goodie bag is also a bit disappointing, you can see that we are going through recession. Ah, life is cruel. As always, the guys' running singlet is much nicer than the girls' one. It definitely has a material that I like more, and a nicer blue.


dorlin said...

allez honey! zip past the rest! and i will be cheering u on :):)

dorlin said...

claudiaaaaaaaaaaa check stick-it for ur pic, click on it to open it in a new window then right click and save! i uhh forgot wads ur email add. :S

good run honey! :)