Tuesday, November 2

One picture Tuesday

One of the things I love about NUS is that it is a cat-friendly place. Cats can roam free, are very well fed, and some are even very very friendly. This boy here hangs out between business canteen, I-cube, and the rest of computing. He is very very friendly and very talkative. Go say Hi!

Actually, being a cat in singapore is really not that bad. Sure, you get clubbered to death by the occasional psycho-maniac (may you get clubbered to death too!) once in a while, but other than that, you are socially tolerated because you hunt mice and rats, you get food and occasional petting, and the weather is always good so you don't freeze to death. Not bad at all! Cats here are gigantic, which has to do I guess with the fact that the rats here are gigantic too! Most have a short tail (this is how they are), which is a bit freakish at first, but after you get used to that they are actually quite pretty. I am sure they speak chinese. However, I have not found any social discrimination from their part. To them, I am not an ang moh, but either somebody to accept petting from or somebody to ignore, same as all the rest. Singaporean cats, I heart you!

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