Monday, November 5

Existential issues

Last week, on Monday, I got promoted. I celebrated with a beautiful bag and we celebrated by going out for drinks and dinner and drinks and dinner!! However, it was all hush-hush for the entire week as all the outcomes had to be discussed with all the applicants. The news did not come out until today, during lunchtime.

Also today, during lunchtime, grant outcomes were published, and I obviously didn't get it. It would have been too good to be true and thus obviously it wasn't. Now here am I getting all the congrats emails but gloomy as to the little minor failure (when, truth be told, it was a chance in 200,000 of

Should I be happy? Should I be sad? I was pondering this, but then I remembered this past weekend in the grampians with the dodo. And I realized that regardless of all the shit and angst that's been going on (and the lack of sleep, mind you -!) I am happy! And life? It is good!


san said...

whao claud.. your biceps..

ionuca said...

Where the heck are the holds on that boulder?! :-S

Also, CONGRATS! As long as you reached that conclusion (life's great), nothing else matters :D

claudia said...

@ionuca: yes, there be no holds there: there's a tiny crimp that nearly fucked my middle finger, but other than that, there's nothing; of course, doris took two tries to finish it :)
@san: yes i know.