Thursday, November 8

Photographic evidence

Of three  four things:

  1. The spaghetti top from Dodo is most cool.
  2. Even though I may be Hulk's sister, those muscles are useless. I cannot start Master Bates anymore.
  3. I CAN hook my left foot to my left hand! (before I only had photographic evidence that I can hook my right foot to my right hand - it's on display in my office) This is an important achievement for an elephant like me!!!!
  4. The reason why I can't start Master Bates anymore is because it's not a HEEL hook as in the photo, but a TOE hook. Go figure. A toe hook would indeed allow one to hold this tiny tiny crimp:

More photos here.


Don QuiScottie said...

Hello. First picture: Going up? Or just stuck?

claudia said...

Stuck, really ... it's a toe hook and then coming to the crimp at my left shoulder. Next time ROAR!