Wednesday, January 16

Lolcat Dreamz

Last night I dreamt that a box full of kittens had made its way to my house. From this box, I could only pick a certain number of kittens to save - I'm not sure about the number because it increased in every iteration of the dream - and the rest would go to an unnamed place boo hoo

I had trouble picking out the kittens because they were all so different! I picked a Russian blue that was BRIGHT BLUE!! in my dream because he slept on his back. I picked a black kitten with white spots (I had problems with that one because there were many black and white kittens running around so I had to remember which one!) I picked a very skinny very tall grey kitten and a fat, older tabby.

After picking the above, the other kittens disappeared to lalaland, at which point i got distressed and the dream started all over again.

Eventually I rescued enough of the kittens and got to actually play with them. At that point Suzie somewhat appeared in the picture. I remember that the newly saved kittehs were a bit reluctant to play with me, and that I kept telling myself "suzie is the most loving of all", and "suzie is the softest of all".

I then woke to find Suzie sleeping on my face. Purr.

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