Tuesday, January 15

One picture Tuesday

Judge me not by my books, but by the super cool way in which they are arranged. On the right of the bookcase I will stash the books I have read -> note that this is almost* true for the background column, and not the foreground, which should be only for mountaineering books (how did the rest get in there?!) The nearly collapsing column of books on the right are books I have yet to read. These will be transferred to the column on the right once I read them. I have yet to decide the fate of those books from the left column that decide to collapse. So far, that column has managed to stay like that despite numerous feline interventions :)

*Hell will probably freeze over when I will actually read the Wheel of Time. I think that (and Sasha right on top of it) are the only books that are Marian's. Also, the Maigret Omnibus (the yellow book) has one emergency un-read Maigret mystery in it. 

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