Friday, October 11

Another day, another trek

This time around, it was Faja del Pelay. This was the first trek I selected for our hiking holiday, thinking that it would be good to ease into it rather than ATTAAAAACK the hills at full blast. I was right (I hope) but Marian thought the hike was boring. Behold the boring!!

It started off pretty schweet with some very delicious steaks blocking our path. Deliciously cute that is:

The sunlight refracting through the canopy made for some pretty shots, of which I took many many (but not as many as my geese - more on this later). If I could have a house right in the middle of this clearing (a tent would do), my life would be perfect!

This would be the view from my window/tent flap:

And she would drop in for coffee each morning:

The trek goes up pretty steeply for about an hour and a half or 600m. No pictures here as we were all busy donating our lungs to charity (man, i need to train...).

And then we reached a viewpoint (mirador in spanish), and were busy dropping our jaws for a while.

The view of the valley and the opposite range (we would go on it the next day btw) was stupendous!!

After this the trek proceeds on a flat path all the way to the beginning of the valley.

 Nothing special here and you might say it's kinda boring, if not for the fantastically awesome HAVE YOU SEEN THIS! view on the other side.

To be honest, I did not realize the potential of the place until we met the raspberries (boy what a distorted hand I have). These were nommed thoroughly (especially since by now I think I had met Humpty and Dumpty and had adopted them, ergo, I was slower, if that was even possible). I sampled every bush I found and I can confirm all were delicious.

Of course, the valley was still boring. NOT:

We knew it was still summer:
The place must look fantastic in the spring though ...

Some of us stopped to boulder, while others were carrying Humpty and Dumpty and could not be bothered.

There were some clouds at some point, just to add a bit of adrenaline, but otherwise we were strolling along the path:

In anticipation of the next day, we peered over some steepnessness - oh boy little did we know:

Our destination is the valley's end, aaall the way down there: 

CHECK.OUT.THE.SKY. No edits were done on this (or any I think) picture.

The waterfall was a bit meh, but still the water was very very cold, and it was very nice just to hang around.

The trek back to the carpark goes through the valley floor. It is paved (PAVED!) in some parts, so completely accessible to everybody (once they have hiked the 200m or so uphill that is)

The little waterfalls down the river are much nicer than the big one.

All in all, a beautiful 8 hour return trek that allows one to see a very beautiful valley without feeling that they will die. Boring? Hell no.

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