Saturday, October 12

The Universes are Conspiring

A while ago, I registered for a half marathon. I registered to prove a stupid point but also to get my ass off not running and start running again. Mostly the latter. Herein lies the problem.

I haven't been running half marathon distances ever since I injured my ankle in Montreal in ..., you got it, May. Godammit motherfucker shit monkey dishwasher gaaah.  Anyway. So not running long distances. I haven't actually become a couch potato of course, but did not run beyond 15 km for the Sea to Summit, and the 8ks every week for the Corporate Cup. My ankle is sort of ok now but not ok enough to get rid of the ankle guard.

For this week, I have been trying to get back into running to prepare me for the disaster that will be tomorrow's run. Because unless I meet a motherfucking unicorn on the trail, I will be lucky if a) I finish and b) (my sekrit hope) finish in a decent time (for various values of "decent" depending on the actual distance between my ambitions and reality).

And so, I tried running more. But could I? Of course not. I ran a total of 11km. The first time I ran 8 km at a decent pace. The next time I proceeded to run 5 km as fast as I could. I maintained sub 5 min/km for the first two km and then nearly collapsed for the third, so I only ran 3km. Because one trains speed when one does not even have proper endurance. Gah. I'm stupid. I couldn't run after that because jet lag got in the way and I spent every waking moment either being very very grumpy or thinking about sleep. Or being very very grumpy while thinking about sleep.

So today I was planning to run to school and get some work done here at work. However, the above got me to sleep for about 12 hours (I feel better now, who would have thought?!) and so I decided that I will come to school and run here. And then.  I. forgot. my. shoes. at. home.

I will grant that it is probably stupid to run today and run tomorrow, but still. I wanted to prepare!!! AAArgh. Tomorrow, I die.

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