Thursday, November 7

Spring is here!

I know it's spring because it's 32 degrees outside one day and 20 the next. Sunny and super hot one day and super cold-turn-on-the-heater-in-your-office the next.

Today it is a bit cold but nevertheless I went to have lunch outside. Sat my elephanty ass on the stairs of the library and proceeded to munch on things and read. I wish I could say that I was watching undergraduate fashion go past but I couldn't, because:
a) there's no such thing as undergraduate fashion
b) the semester is over and thus the campus is. E.M.P.T.Y.

As I was reading and munching, I heard this beautiful, loud, deep tenor voice singing Nessun Dorma. Jesus! It was deep and it was loud but nevertheless it was spot on!

At first I thought somebody was evacuating the conservatory and the tenors were still at it, but the loud voice kept singing and getting closer and closer. I was also surprised and miffed to see that the group of schoolkids that was clearly visiting the Uni had not stopped to listen at all! "Uneducated ruffians! We are doomed!" I thunked to myself.

But then I took a closer look and guess what? The tenor was a scrawny, 1.5m tall, vietnamese kid, visiting the Uni with his class.

I love Adelaide!

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