Saturday, December 7

Training put to good use...

What do you do when you're stuck in a queue for six hours in Dallas because your flight got cancelled because of a snowstorm? Well, first you call American Airlines to rebook yourself. Then you call a hotel to get yourself a room in fucking Dallas!!

Then you wait in queue for two more hours just in case there's that small tiny chance that there IS a spot on the next flight out of Dallas. And what do you do when the lady says: "there IS a spot on the flight that is boarding now at terminal C (you are at terminal D, 20 minutes train ride from C). RUN, girl!" 

You RUN. This is where all that ultra, upjo training is put to good use...

Ran like mad. Caught the plane. Got stuck on the runway for another hour while they cleared the ice off the plane (which was good, because like this my bag caught up with me hahahah). 

Arrived at 1am in Washington DC. It is chilly and raining, but the delicious, northern hemisphere chilly (-1 C). I'm having mac and cheese that I microwaved myself because the restaurant is closed (it's 2am). I think I deserve it, if not for anything, but for still managing to be civil after being late because of other people so many times!!

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