Thursday, December 26

The Bear!

I just found myself a new best friend! Enter Bear, my grandmother's one year old romanian shepherd puppy. I say puppy, but he's like 35kg in weight, and when he stands with  his paws on my shoulder, his nose is higher than my head.

He's a lovely little one but he's untrained and my grandmother cannot really handle him. The fucker who brought him here can go and fuck himself. Ah well.

The problem with this breed is that they are very hard to train, especially at this age. It took me 2 hours to train him to sit and it's probably going to take three days to learn a stay. And of course, my grandmother will not practice this with him and aaargh. Ah well. Who can resist this smile?

 Here's us demonstrating sit. We are very very proud. Whereby "we" I mean "I" because he couldn't really be fussed as long as somebody plays with him.

He's really really curious and somewhat smart. Also, very stubborn. 

PS. San, Dodo, I have no wifi hence no whatsapp - this will change soon! Merry Christmas!


dor said...

Wtf it's a mother of a dog................

san said...

Omg... I think he'll dwarf me. a puppy. Pfffttt