Friday, January 31

Mount Lofty - part 2

We drove to Waterfall gully, at the bottom of mount lofty. Marian ran on Waterfall gully road, while I trekked to the top of Mount Lofty. I wanted to make this a weighted trek, so I grabbed a gear backpack from the car. Initially, the pack felt very very light. However, compared to last time's summit, it took me considerably longer (1hr 15 minutes) to get to the summit, and I felt very very slow. Of course, I proceeded to chid myself for being so fat and so unfit and continued to do so throughout my very slow progress to the summit. When I got there, somebody was painting Adelaide. They had an entire setup, complete with night light table and other artsy bits. Adelaide looked very pretty (did I mention it was 11pm at night?!).  I'm the last one allowed to say that other people are crazy for painting in the middle of the night on some god forsaken hill top, but some people are just crazy!

I got back to the car eventually, and Marian helped me with the backpack. He commented on its weight (it no longer felt light to me either...). Turns out, it was about 15kg. At least it seems that I have very strong biceps!

Time to mt lofty summit: 1 hr 15 mins
Total time: 2 hrs 20 mins
Conditions: 36degrees, dry
Pack weight: 15 kg
Kangaroos: 0
Foxes: 1
Butterflies: A DOZEN!


Esther J. said...

I wish I could go there to see the butterflies.

Nibedeta Sen said...

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Chintan said...

nice pic...!

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