Tuesday, January 14

Cancer is a cunt

Two days ago a friend and colleague passed away due to complications following a bone marrow transplant. Fuck you, cancer.

I was going to go home yesterday because the heat was just too much and I was jet lagged out of my brainzzzz. Instead, I decided that I would celebrate my friend's life by not slacking and having a quiet walk on Mount Lofty. It was hot. I was jet lagged. I was also a bit dazed and confused because of the heat. I did make a concession and did not take a backpack, and, because my legs were swollen, I walked and did not run. This walk is a good baseline for what is to follow.

Time to mt lofty summit: 1 hr
Total time: 2 hrs
Conditions: 42degrees, dry
Pack weight: 1 kg
Other notes: jet lagged, dazed, Trent's death


vio said...

te îmbrăţişez.

claudia said...

multumesc, sunt mai bine acum.