Monday, April 27


Well, here i am finally at home. I will post pictures just as soon as I find a picture taking device. To make a long story short, our bags were stuck on Heathrow so after arriving at 00:35 am in Bucharest we had to go back to the airport to retrieve them. I've been having one helluva a time with my mother and my father and his girlfriend - seeing my dad and my mom together makes me really really happy that they divorced 24 years ago because otherwise they would have fought so much they would have screwed me up more than I already am.

Went to the dentist today and had one of my teeth extracted. Finally, good, cheap dental services!!! My dog is growing old but is still amazingly young at heart.

Tomorrow I am leaving with my father and his gf (she's one year younger than me, did I say that before?!) to some place where I can run 30 km in preparation for Sundown.

Catcha later!


dor said...


yup got your email. will forge your signature and everything. er am typing my reply to you now, love!

san said...

claud! take care wherever u are. my puny brain can't rem when u're gg to the americas or when u're in romania. either way, the pigs are at war! don't let them win!