Wednesday, April 15

Purrfect in 2 parts

Went to see "Cats" last night! I loved the costumes and the way the "cats" moved - very cat-like for hoomanz (I think they would have freaked sandra out - she's scared of cats). But due to the fact that we were on the third level up and very close to the stage (right above the lights) and more importantly very close to the speakers, we couldn't distinguish most of the songs. The music was great, but seriously, I didn't understand a thing. Were it not for one of our friends to explain what was going on it would have been a real guessing game. So today I am youtubing the Cats songs. So farrrrr, this is my favorrite(don't click if you don't like Andrew lloyd weber). And who of all people should we bump into but NITA!!!!! WOOO HOO!!!!! This was the second confirmed Nita sighting after she appeared at the pull-up bar on Monday!! Right after I was telling Ely about our loser club!

On other related news, I must announce here that yesterday morning I finally said "Hello" to my toes and knees in forward bending pose by MYSELF!! After all those days when my favorite yoga instructor's wrists were cracking (i kid you not!) from pushing me, yesterday was the big day! Well my delight didn't last for long because he hurried from where he was in the studio to tap my knees with his index finger to remind me to KEEP THEM STRAIGHT! For you see, his main problem so far has been to make sure that our elbows and knees are straight and that we are aligned correctly in the pose. What can I say, he has a thing for straightness. You could show super improvement in one pose but all he would care about would be if your hands are straight and so on. Whereas other instructors would tell you to bend your knees if you cannot do, he will have none of this nonsense. And with me I must say he has a handful of pushing and pulling. Because you see, out of his entire class, when everybody is bending down or flat on the mats, I am always one of the very very few that is 20 - 50 cm higher than everybody. And he bears it nicely until at one point I guess he just can't take it anymore and he comes and pushes and pulls (and shows no mercy of course). For example "downward facing dog, bring your right leg front, split your legs" brings out a very audible snigger of "YEAH RIGHT!" from me and I seriously try to split my legs but only manage 20 - 25 cms or so from the floor. This is where he comes in. I see him coming towards me, I smile a "Don't you dare!!! Please?" kind of smile at which point he might go to somebody else but would still come back when it's time to split my legs with the other leg in front. He might give me his hand to stabilize me (my hands can't touch the floor) or he might not (depending on how wobbly I am) and then with a swift kick which would make even zidane proud he would push my heel maybe 2-3 cms forward and my hamstrings into screeching agony. And while his next call of "bring your leg back, downward facing dog" would have everybody graciously bring their leg back, I slump to one side and slowly, very slowly, and with minimum grunting (I try!) retrieve my forward leg and in a circular sort of motion bring it backwards, then I move my upper body on the mat again (by this time I am sort of almost off the mat and lying on the floor). I would seriously laugh about this but considering it took me 6 months to touch my toes I wonder how many years it will take for me to do a split?

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keep it up! :D