Thursday, April 23

If you cannot go back ...

Then you must go further.

This Tuesday I had planned my bigish run (before next week's BIG run) I was hoping to run until vivo city and then turn back and run to school ( a good opportunity, mind you, for me to collect all the presents that I have stuffed under my desk and bring them home). I was hoping that the run to Harbour Front would be 10km, and hence the whole run a whopping 20 km. The urgent need for such a long run convinced me to go forward every time my will faltered (in general before the 5km and 15km mark) and I engaged in my oh so common bargaining dialogue: "Maybe i should stop, my ankle hurts... Hm... I remember the next portion is kinda spooky... Where the fuck is that vivo city?... I hope I can rest at the traffic light... Why the hell am I doing this? A lot of people can run marathons without training ... Why don't I run 6km today and have the long run the day after tomorrow? ... Going up south buona vista when you are tired will be shit ... My ankle hurts ... South Buona vista is fucking long ... Shit i forgot to take the camelback ... what the fuck will i drink now? ... You are past your peak ... old and injured ... give it up ... If you would have taken at least your credit card you could have bought some drinks ... Why not stop at Vivo City to buy presents and run the long run the day after tomorrow? ..." *

Nonetheless, when I got to Vivo City and saw that I had ran only 7km I finally gave in and bargained. And the deal was to avoid going back and running uphill on South Buona Vista Rd (an un-phantomable prospect at that time) and go forth in a quest (! needed for the excitement) to follow the line of bus 143 either for 20km or until I die, whichever comes first, and then! take the bus home.

And thus I ran through Chinatown (crowded, even though it was 9 pm), to the tip of Orchard and then to the tip of Little India, and then back through Chinatown to about 1 - 2km or so from Vivo City. And for a first time in ages I did what I preach and actually stretched! This was because I really needed to cool down before getting on 143. Note to self: next time when running in crowded places, wear black running tights: like that, your sweat will not be visible and you will not look like you just soiled yourself! All in all, a great run, too bad I missed Sandra climbing at CA.

*a lot of shit-fuck and fuck-shit combinations, i see :))

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