Thursday, June 18

Last Days in London

I thought I would be a good girl and post the last two days in london before going to the land of the brave and of the free and where all dogs are fat and carry golden pretzels on their tail. Actually the last day wasn't much in terms of pictures because we went to the British Museum. All I can say about it is rock this, rock that, british took this, british took that, mummy this, mummy that, pottery this, pottery that. I actually had a total meltdown after about 5 hours and fell asleep on a bench while brave Marian went to have a look at Africa and Asia.

Windsor castle was great! Even though the attractions weren't much (state apartments and a miniature doll house) -- although to be honest the state apartments were amazing (so many paintings and weapons and stuffs!! -- but I loved the feel of it (I guess I like rock :D).

As a conclusion, we both loved London! London is somewhat humbling because everywhere you look in the city there's at least one historic building or statue, reminding you that at the time when your own nation's capital was a bunch of buildings and stables and markets, the british were building super castles and (let's be honest) plundering the rest of the world. Furthermore, you get to see how modern life can go on in a historic setting. The jury is still out on whether London is nicer than Paris. This is because we didn't see much of Paris and to be honest we didn't see the bad parts of any of them.

The random people we have talked to were extremely friendly (they talked to us!) something your ordinary parisian will never do I guess. When we went to Windsor we stopped by Victoria Station to check the map (I am a compulsory map checker). This guy walked up to us and asked us if we were lost. I said no but we were just deciding which way to take to windsor. Then he told us that the best way is to take a coach (and subsequently directed us towards the bus station) because the TRAINS ARE ON STRIKE (he had heard it on radio). It was very nice of him to volunteer this info, me says.

It's not only the people and the place but also the food. I know that the english food suxs big time, but! there is this chain of shops called "Pret" which sell great sandwiches and soups (I HEART soup) and, more importantly, they have one in Trafalgar Sq. You can sit down and have your lunch and people watch by Nelson's column! Woo hoo!

Without further ado, I give you Windsor Castle! And yes. That baby is sleeping and that guy (yes, he's a guy) is his father.

Not one of my best hair days, what can I say?

Changing of the guards with live band!! (The guy on the far right is a girl woohoo!)

View of Windsor:

Marian and the guards. I guess it's a guy's thing? (because I really can't understand his grin)

Back there is where the Queen lives.

Modern day knight with polyester sword. Water, degradation and rust proof.

That kid will loathe his father during teenage years. I can see.

St. George's chapel! Home to the Order of the Garter, I kid you not!

Musical in a theater on our way to the British Museum.


One of the many treasures inside the museum (more pics here):

My "I am very hungry" glare:

More pics of Windsor here.

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