Friday, June 26

The land of the stupid commercials

There's the

- old men/women talking about how they do not want to impose on their children the costs of their funeral and thus they prefer this or that insurance where it doesn't matter how old you are or any medical history, "for just 35 cents a day"

- cyallis or viagra commercial for men to be "prepared when the moment's right"

- class action law suits calling for potential victims of "if you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma call this number; if "you work with asbestos or have been diagnosed with " this and that call here

- prescription drug commercial where they do not say what exactly the drug is for but rather how the patient (good looking men or women in their forties) feel after taking it, but "it might cause liver cancer" or "do not donate blood for six months " after taking this or that

- microsoft commercial where people want to search something online and thus they go to microsoft's search engine, "let's bing it!" (WTF?!)

- specific targeted commercial - "our product achieves 15 percent more protection against reflected sun rays than neutrogena" or our cereal is much better than the other cereal

- the computer doctor selling computer savvy cds by phone mail. Dun forget to order the hit "How to buy and sell on ebay"



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yes i was! am now in singapore in quarantine, argh!!