Saturday, June 20

Sights from JFK

This guy in a black dog suit (I mean the whole dog) holding a drawing of a very red flamingo waiting for his girl. The look on her face when she realized while scanning the crowds that the red flamingo guy in a dog suit was waiting for her. The laugh and the surprise made my sleepy-oh-my-god-i'm-so-tired-where-is-mom day. (It didn't help that she had sent me a text message from Romania saying "if it weren't for the cab company which woke me up i would have lost the plane").

Not being able to board the air train with the trolley and being separated from Mom. Following her in the next train and finding her! (She had all the money and all passports)

All in all my mom and are staying at this wonderful brownstone house with amazing decorations and creaky wooden floors (pictures to come soon) in Harlem! Close to Central Park and the neighborhood is amazing (have yet to spot white people). Hopefully tomorrow we are leaving for Lake Placid. Today the plan is to get bus tickets and then go to central park and the Met woo hoo!!


dorlin said...

have fun claud! :)

nita said...

Hi Claud! It's been a while :) I just got back from the States, are you going to be in NYC long? :) I <3 NYC!

claudia said...

@dor! congrats for rockmaster!!! @nita! long time no see! are you in quarantine or not? (my boss says I should :D and so does doris :(( )

Marian said...

You have leave from school for 1 week to stay at home and monitor your health status, but you are not required by law to do so (like few weeks ago).

nita said...

Yup, just like Marian said. I've been home most of the 6 days that I've been back, but tonight I'm going out. Haha.
Take care, don't be swined! :)