Friday, December 11

Old hags

Sandra and I climbed on wed in an attempt to boost up our endurance. of course it started with a grumble because "Endurance for what?! if you ask me, we're just going to be pulling plastic for the rest of our lives! Stuck in Singapore!!" and grumble, grumble, grumble some more. Off we were to do sets of 15 mins arc (5 min with jugs, 5 min without jugs, 5 min with jugs)... We threw in some campus boarding which just showed us how old and tired we were. I guess just tired though because sandra isn't old and well I am, just barely there though. We dragged our feet through the motions whining in between of how weak we were. Two months ago I could campus up and down but now I need help! (Forgive me campus board, for I have sinned, it's been two months since my last pull-up!)

Grumble and whine, grumble and whine, we finished them in the end but unfortunately did not have it in us to free-climb. I set a spanned route and then we did some half-hearted attempts at some other ones and then called it a night. Tonight I will be climbing solo, a great occasion to accumulate some anger and frustration, just to give me enough steam to last me through Texas - flying there tomorrow morning.

Now of course the title of this post does not refer to Sandra and I! Today I gave my old hags to the salvation army. Three marathon trainings have done them in and I am looking forward to another pair of size 39 (us 8, uk 5.5 - writing such that I dun forget) running shoes -one size and a half bigger than my shoes, two sizes bigger than my climbing shoes - I do go though life in a cycle of contract-expand, don't I? Heard it's good for the face muscles, keeps 'em young.

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