Tuesday, December 1

National day

So. My plan was to run 30 km today for Romania's National Day in preparation for Standard Chartered Marathon which is in 2 weeks.

[Making siren sounds!] What is wrong with this statement? Well, THE MARATHON IS THIS WEEK! Yup! This thought stopped me in my tracks yesterday. I saw the ad for the marathon on a bus and there it was written light blue on white, 6 December 2009. The date registered with me maybe a hundred meters later when I let out a very audible FUCK! and stopped.

I could have sworn it was in two weeks!! WTF?! I thought i had all the time in the world and now look at me! Definitely I can't even attempt 30 km now because i know i won't be able to recover so soon. Fuck it! Among so many things that went so-so this year, I was hoping that at least this would work out well! I was even starting to compliment myself on the great times i was getting (51 mins for 10 k, 2 hrs for 23k, not bad, not bad!)

Anyhow, happy birthday Romania!

PFFT! I suck.

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