Wednesday, February 13

A series of unfortunate events

1. Come to work, buy and drink one coffee (regular latte, extra shot)
2. Colleague comes to work and we go to the tea room for ... coffee.
3. Find out that somebody had put vanilla cinnamon coffee beans in the grinder. We find this out while drinking our lattes.
4. Clean grinder (by this time it is 7:45 am)
5. Have an espresso much much later, at around 9:30 am. A proper one, no cinnamon, no fucking vanilla.
6. Win a bet with PhD student, earn a latte. With an extra shot. (Not sure if I actually drank this one)
7. Sit through a 2 hour meeting. By now it is 11:45am.
8. Lunch will be soon, at 12!
9. Person comes in my office just before lunch, asking stoopid question, demanding stoopid things from me.
10. Off with his head!!
11. Go to lunch.
12. Feel guilty for number 10, and therefore,
13. Come back to work, buy and drink one coffee.

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