Tuesday, February 26

Running in Blackhill

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A student of mine ran in Blackhill a couple of weeks ago. He described the run as challenging, steep, with very high ledges and gigantic boulders. Of course, as with 6 Foot Track, I immediately jumped to the challenge, without, mind you, knowing what I got myself into. On a side note, I have just read the description of 6 Foot Track Marathon. Like just. After two  years or so since I registered for it. After I read it, I curled up in a corner and cried. I may be batshit crazy, but I had just realized that I am stoopid.

Coming back to Blackhill. My first attempt to run it had me run from home to Blackhill, run there for a bit and then get Marian to pick me up. That didn't succeed very well: after 20 or so km and within 2 km of reaching Blackhill, I called Marian because I was so bored with the concrete. Run failed.

The second time around was much better. Drove to Blackhill, jumped out of the car and proceeded to run up a trail to the summit. The run was steep and narrow but nothing as I was expecting. Sure, some of the ledges were pretty high for me, but then again that is not very hard to achieve. And sure, I did stop sometimes, but that was mostly because I'm old. And fatt. But nothing spectacular, with the exception of the beautiful sunset and the view across the city.

I got to the top of it very puzzled. "Wuss!" I decided about the previous runner. "If he thought that that was difficult, let him come to Chambers Gully! Pfft!" I followed a track towards descending the hill. And then I got to the real running track. Jesus christ!!! There were boulders at least my size, ledges that seem to reach my armpit (again, not very difficult), and my descent run was reduced to a crawl. WHAT THE FUCK is this?! I pondered while trying to get my ass of the hill as quick as possible. Because you see, a trait of being stoopid is that one admires the sunset, takes plenty of pictures etc., and then realizes ten minutes later that one is in the middle of the woods, without any soul around, in the middle of the night, but without a headlamp. Life is good.

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