Saturday, February 23

A tourist still

On Thursday I was supposed to go to meet a fellow teacher I do outreach with. We were supposed to meet at the University of Adelaide Wetlands. Now if you tell any of my colleagues this, they will straightaway say take fullarton then take a right on Cross road.

I did so, but I also asked google, who decided that going straight on fullarton road was the way to go. So i took google's advice and got to the Adelaide agricultural high school. I asked at the reception about the meeting and was quickly ushered after some people on a tour of the high school, and its lending library. Turns out the lending library was a menagerie with all sorts of little animals and associated activity sheets. Did you know that those black lizards that look like tree stumps (aka the shinglebacks) mate for life? Also, their tail resembled their head and they use this sneakily to fool prey by walking backwards to it: prey will then run behind the lizard, i.e., to its head, and presto, death!

The meeting went on for half an hour or so, during which time I petted around three types of lizards, one frog, one snake, and one possum. It was only when we got to the possum that I texted my teacher and asked him where the fuck was he*, and found out I was in the totally wrong place. Stood up suddenly and left. Very rude of me. Got to the meeting with only a few cheese bits left. Sigh.

*not my exact words

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