Tuesday, May 7


It feels like it's Monday, 5:45 am. When in fact it's Tuesday. 4:51 pm. Things are not going well chez Claudia.

  • Yesterday I almost got into a marathon running challenge. By the end of the day the marathon was ON! and I had already mapped out a training plan, and had already crossed the finish line (in my mind!) with a sub-four result, crushing my competitor and bathing in glory. I realized today that I won't be able to run said marathon because I will be in Singapore.  
  • Today I came to work in my running clothes only to realize as I was entering the building that I had left my work clothes at home. Had to go to Target to buy clothes I really really hate. 
  • Today I realized that the work I had been putting in mentoring a student was for nothing. To some extent, if people do not want to change, you cannot will them into change.
  • Later in the day I found out that one of my uncles has died. He used to call me "Fifi", mainly because he knew that it pissed me off. I only found out ten hourd later because I cannot be trusted with my phone. Instructed Mom to call Marian from now on. The funeral is on Thursday and there's no way I can get there. 
  • And then I found that one of my students had found an old CV of mine (fuck you, interwebs!)  - oh why why why did I put my birthday on it? Anyway, said student is now doomed to write me a happy birthday email every year till the end of time. And then said student asked if I will always have my current email address. 
  • And now I'm thinking. Will I? What's the point, really? Why not go back home and be mediocre there? (climbwise and teachingwise I mean). I mean, limestone is much better than sandstone/granite... The scenery is beautiful! The food is delicious! Hell, the limestone is delicious! Winters are cold but beautiful! Hm.
And here's the Tuesday picture as well: Piatra Craiului in winter.

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