Wednesday, May 29

IR stoopid

Let's say, for the sake of things, that somebody we know went for a walk in mont royal park in Montreal on a Saturday morning. Let's further say that said person also took her street walking shooz for the walk, instead of her more suitable running shooz.

Let's also say that she may have at some point decided to go off route in the park, while descending and in a rush to get down. She may have also suddenly realized that she was going to be late for a breakfast (this was 6 am after all).

What would normal people do? I'm not really so sure, but I guess what they wouldn't do is break into a sprint, downhill, on what is obviously a single track downhill slope, while wearing their beautiful, city, green shooz.

Sigh. Anyway, as I was running downhill through the woods I looked at my feet and, just as I was thinking to myself that maybe these shooz were not good for running in the woods, my foot slipped. I did half a 360 (what I guess is conventionally called falling flat on my face) and grabbed a tree right before kissing the ground.

I tried to get up but could not stand on my right foot. I had stoopidly sprained my ankle again. Of course, young academics are invincible, so I dried my tears, sucked it up (?!!) and started to run again - after a while the pain got bearable, which also allowed me to see where I was running (always a plus in the woods). I got to the meeting on time, only to realize I had gotten the day wrong and the breakfast was on the next day.

Now I can barely walk without an ankle guard and running is painful (although for some reason I still do it). I am seriously considering going to the doctor (voluntarily: i know, I'm softening up!! Must be the Australian relaxe lifestyle!! It's not broken so I shouldn't go!) to get an MRI. I think I may have fucked it up some more, which does not spell anything good for my future plans. Damn it!

Oh and also, climbing didn't make it to the Olympics. Fuck that!

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ionuca said...

Oh, you poor thing! I think you should really go and see a doctor. It's the wisest thing to do!