Wednesday, May 8

What do we say to the God of Death?

Not today!

It was a weekend of firsts this weekend in Arapiles. My first 14 multipitch (my first 14 Arapiles trad for that matter) - D-Minor (14) (which is a French 4c by the way, I am advancing in grades!). The first time someone rappelled of my anchors (whew!). The first time someone fell on my anchors (whew!). The first time I trad lead with two seconds! D.'s first multipitch. D.'s first rappel.

We started the weekend with Serpent (11) on Mitre Rock. The cold and wind killed us, so we moved to the other side, in the sun!

Exodus (6) could have been the first trad lead as well for some but in the end it wasn't meant to be.

We bouldered for a bit after this: we ended up doing almost everything on Rabbit Boulder (pictured). Everything but the hard V5 that is.

The next day we did D-minor. It was a beautiful, beautiful day, with lots of climbers around.

Marian fell on my anchors AND THEY HELD!! Of course, I freaked out  a bit :) but soon recovered. I love my anchors, especially when they hold.


san said...

Syrio forel: what do you say to the god of death..

Arya: not today!

GoT season 3 is half way through the season! Hahahah.. We can watch while in krabi.heh heh.. Amazing pics! Who's going to take pictures when we climb in krabi? Hahaa

claudia said...

Good point San! You will have to carry Tommy with you while you put up the quickdraws!

claudia said...

OMG is this a GoT reference! I thought D and Marian were just amazingly funny. Pfft.

Anonymous said...

how can you forget?? we watched everyday in fontainebleau! TSK! GoT GoT GoT!!


claudia said...

Sandra Xu, I am not watching GoT with you! I'm not watching GoT, full stop! said...

It was interesting and delight event. Nice photos, beautiful nature.