Thursday, June 20

Easily demotivated these days

Running wise, I mean. I was supposed to run a trail run this Sunday and I nearly backed out because running and I these days are having some problems in our relationship.

To be honest, running sucks. Or at least, it sucks to me. It's hard to get going and very easy to loose endurance with only a week of slacking off. In truth, trail running is THE THING to do, but the thing with trail running is that it tends to be uphill, so fucking hard to begin with.

To be honest, running is awesome. It takes you places. And, having run enough for the endorphins to kick in, the running high you get is kind of addictive.

I ran the Sea to Summit this Sunday. Unusual for me, I didn't run the main event (the 30 km run), but ran with the wusses in the 15 km run. Boy was it cold. And boy was it uphill - sea to summit, duh!! But boy was it beautiful!

I got to see parts of the Adelaide hills that one does not usually see on foot and also I got to find another training ground - training starts in July, after I get back from Thailand! I have a sekret plan that involves walking with a backpack on chambers gully and in belair park in the wee hours of the morning. This would train my cold tolerance and also my stamina. And, to further confirm to Marian that I sekretly want to kill him, I plan to involve him mwahahahhahaaa.

Anyway, coming back to the run. I can understand why Sea to Summit is a qualifier for the Six Foot Track Marathon. It's fucking hard, that's why! But that being said, I'm a bit apprehensive of the distance: 30 km is not 45 km and the elevation does not make up for the fact that in Six Foot you would have additional 15 km to run.

Regardless, I have just confirmed that I do qualify for the 2014 six foot track marathon, having ran the 2013 race. Hm.

Today's weather update: challenges aplenty but sucking at motivation.

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